New IMPER-ELASTEQ waterproofing liquid material of POLYURETHANE

IMPER-ELASTEQ is a new waterproofing liquid material, which on having polymerized forms an elastomeric membrane of POLYURETHANE, resistant to the beams Ultraviolet, with a good elasticity and high resistance the water and alkalis, and with capacity of bridge of fissures.
 It can be applied by great facility on different types of surface (concrete, mortar, brick, fibrocemento, ceramic tiles, bituminous products, steel, zinc, aluminium), providing a constant, elastic, resistant membrane in the open air and of excellent adherence.
 Opposite to the waterproofing traditional liquids, he presents the following advantages:

  • Not emulsifiable in water (it can be in contact of permanent form).
  • Rapid dried (even in situations of low temperatures and high dampness).
  •  Passable without need of special protection.
  • It is not necessary armor based on meshes or felts (geotextile), except in singular points (singings, edges, etc.).
  • His finished brilliant and not thermoplastic, he avoids enormously the adherence of the powder.
  • Not reblandece in epochs of high temperatures. It supports his characteristics between-50 º-C and +100ºC.


  • Waterproofing and Protection of passable covers of particular use and intense use,
  • Balconies, terraces, galleries and attached zones to fronts.ç
  • Waterproofing of thin roofs of fibrocemento and metallic sheet.
  • Renovation and repair of waterproofing asphalt sheets and of EPDM.