INDUSTRIES TEQ carries out control operations and prevention of aided Legionelosis all them for the effective Legislation, mainly the Real Ordinance 865/2003 and the norm UNITES 10030:2001 IN "Guide for the prevention of Legionella in facilities."

To the manufacturing being of our chemical products we have a wide range of chemical products to carry out the operations of cleaning and disinfection of the facilities like disinfectant, anti-incrusting, anticorrosive, decalcifying, biodispersantes, etc.

We also have laboratory own apara the physical-chemical control and microbiológico of the waters in the treated circuits. In the cases in it is needed them we install the necessary teams to adapt the facilities to the effective Legislation, as for example bombs dosificadoras (car or semiautomatic), cloradores, control teams, electroválvulas, etc

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