Treatments of Floors and Surfaces

TEQ INDUSTRIES makes all type of synthetic resin pavements in any colour you wish, in outdoor surfaces and indoor as well, with business purpose or just decorative. We also paint car parks with traffic signals included. We carry out waterproofing in flat roofs either passable or not passable in all the colours. We also do waterproofing work in new buildings and car parks with a low water table.

The principal treatments we make are the following ones:

Waterproofing works

We carry out all type of high quality waterproofing works. The treatment can be made transparent or in colour (red, green, white). In all the cases the treatment is resilient, very adherent, resistant to water, it does not get rotten rot or cracked , resistant to abrasion and dampness,  you can walk on it, it can be painted and resistant to high and low temperatures.

We carry out the treatment on different types of materials because it adheres strongly on cement, fibrocement, stoneware, terrazo, mud (clay), wood and even glass.


Recommended for:

To waterproof all water filtration or dampness because of capillarity, pluvial or condensation on:

Epoxi synthetic resin lining of high mechanical and chemical resistance for pavements:

We carry out all type of treatments with ‘epoxi’ synthetic resins of high mechanical and chemical resistance for the protection-finish of concrete pavements. We make the treatment in mainly four colours: grey, red, green and white (You can consult us for another colour if you wish it).

Recommended for:

Treatment anti-fluorescence and protection anti-graffiti:

We protect all type of concrete pavements, artificial stone and cooked clay with a damp course treatment against fluorescence and graffiti.

Recommended For:

Treatment of sport facilities:

We paint all type of sport courts such as tennis courts, frontons, sport centres, etc. with natural acrylic paints that offer high resistance in outdoor surfaces.

Recomendado para:

Treatment in swimmingpools:

We paint and colour the inside part of concrete pools. By means of resistant paints to the products used to control the quality of water.

Non-slip treatments in slippery surfaces:

We make non-slip treatments on slippery surfaces which suppose a serious risk of drops. In general in places where the appearance of water increases the risk of accident.

Recomendado para:

Other applications:

We have a series of products to make mortars with ‘epoxi’ synthetic resin to apply in: